Register for an activity

Please complete the forms below and submit, along with the fee, to the activities office of your high school. 
Activities registration icon
Register and pay for activities online via A-HConnect/FeePay. Click on the lock and key icon found toward the top of this page and select the activities registration icon. Please contact your school's activities office if you need help with online registration.

Optional insurance

Parents can purchase optional insurance via 1st Agency using a Visa or Mastercard. Select Minnesota as the state and Anoka-Hennepin as the school district. Read the letter that was mailed to parents.

Academic eligibility

The complete language for academic eligibility is included on the eligibility bulletin. Here is a summary of credit totals that must be completed prior to term/trimester in Anoka-Hennepin.


Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
 9  0.0  1.5  3.5
10  5.5  8.0  10.0
 11  12.0  14.5  17.0
 12  19.5  22.0 24.5

Other forms

Download other related forms in PDF format: