School Board policies are indicated by a number with no letter. District procedures and guidelines are indicated by a "G" following the number. Forms are indicated by an "F" following the number.
The following single PDF document contains all of Anoka-Hennepin's policies. The first three pages opens to a table of contents, where each title and subsequent number links to the portion of the PDF where details exist about that particular policy. A search can be done for a specific word or words by clicking the edit menu in Adobe Reader and choosing find.
The collection of approved School Board policies and administrative regulations are included below. They are organized by section number. Use the master index to find the name of the policy you would like. Use the menu listed below, or the drop-down menu under "School Board Policies" in the left-hand index to view detailed information for individual policies. Policies are organized by policy number.
100 – School district
300 - Administration 
400 – Employees/personnel
500 – Students
600 – Education program
700 – Non-instructional operations
800 – Buildings and sites