Welcome! I am Kristie Noel, a Kindergarten Teacher at Johnsville Elementary School.  This is my second year as a Kindergarten teacher. It has been so fun to watch your child learn and grow throughout the year so far and get to know all of them more and more each day.
    Before coming to Johnsville, I was a supplemental teacher at Eisenhower Elementary school working with K-5th graders in small groups teaching math and reading. I also worked there the following year as a Research Specialist teacher for 4th and 5th graders. I am Envoy Certified in Whole and Small group and am also a demonstration teacher for Envoy.


     I am very excited to work with your student and watch them grow and learn!

  • Special Schedule:

    Day 1: Art and Prep
    Day 2: Prep
    Day 3: Library and Prep
    Day 4: Explorations
    Day 5: Gym and Music
    Kristina Noel
    Kindergarten Teacher
    Johnsville Elementary School 
    991 125th ave Blaine, MN 55434