• Welcome!
    I am Dawn Applequist, the Math Specialist at Mississippi Elementary.  This means I get to teach math all day. I work with teachers and children in my role as the Math Specialist. Sometimes I support teachers and students in the classroom and sometimes I work with students in small groups. I have taught at Mississippi Elementary as a Math Specialist since 2008. Before coming to Mississippi Elementary, I was a Special Education teacher for 10 years at Adams Elementary in Coon Rapids.
    Outside of school, math is very important to my family. My children, Cara, Wes, and Austin all play games that use math and have jobs where having number sense is very important. My husband, Kevin, works with math every day as an accountant. Even the family dog, ZZ, can count to two! (She needs to make sure that she gets the right number of dog cookies at snack time.) Besides enjoying math, I love to read, knit, garden, and ride my bike.
    I am excited about working with the students at Mississippi and watching them grow as mathematicians over the years!
    Dawn Applequist
    Math Specialist
    Mississippi Elementary
    10620 Direct River Dr. NW
    Coon Rapids, MN 55433