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    Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

    Please use this website as a resource to help you get the most out of your Anoka Middle School for the Arts theater experience. Use the site to find out what is going on in the classroom and to learn more about all the possible theater courses available here. Also, find out about our school auditions as well as other auditions in the Twin Cities. Lastly, use it to keep up on what theater courses are available through Community Education and other theater arts organizations. Check back regularly for upcoming events!

    Our theater courses and programs have a number of beneficial goals and objectives:

    • To introduce the student to the art of theatre: a brief history of theater, the component parts of theatre, the process of theatrical production, the various creative artists and technicians who make it happen.

    • To provide the student with criteria with which to make value judgments relating to theatrical experiences by exposing the student to live and taped performances.

    • To encourage the awareness, appreciation and enjoyment of the theatrical experiences.

    • To give students the tools to feel more confident in front of others.

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