• Hello!

    This is my sixth year teaching at Morris Bye Elementary. I am excited to teach Explorations (Science and Social Studies) with grades kindergarten through fifth. I completed my undergraduate degree with a double major in English and Biology at UW-Madison. After teaching English for two years in South Korea, I moved back to Minnesota and got my teaching license and my masters at Hamline University. 


    I like spending my free time with my wife Deidre and coaching basketball at Centennial High School. I love to read, travel and watch sports. 


    Thank you for supporting your child’s education. I am excited to work with your child and watch their growth this school year. 


    Chris Kamrath


  • 2019-2020 Explorations
    Day 1: 4MS, 2ER, KSB, 1MS, 1DW, 3BP, 5EW
    Day 2: 4MF, 2MH, KKN, KPL, 1SR, 3JF, 5SG
    Day 3: 4EG, 2KE, KCB, KKN
    Day 4: 4ES, 2LH, KPL, 1DW, 3JJ, 5TM
    Day 5: kCB, KSB, 1SR, 1MS

    Summary of Units Taught in Trimester 1:


    Materials - Students use the five senses and identify items by their properties. 

    Economics- Students discuss needs, wants, goods and services.

    1st Grade: 

    Pebbles, Sand and Silt - Students identify types of rocks and their properties. 

    Geography - Students practice their mapmaking skills and identify human and physical characteristics. 

    2nd Grade: 

    Solids and Liquids - Students make observations on the properties and the impacts of temperature changes with solids and liquids. They use what they know about the properties of solids and design and build a tower and a bridge. Economics - Students learn about the history of money and trade. They must identify benefits and costs of a trade.

    3rd Grade:

    Government - Students examine how they can participate in a community and services the government offers them. 

    Sound and Light - Students investigate how light and sound travel. This unit cumulates in students making an instrument that must change pitch (this unit is completed in trimester 2).

    4th Grade:

    United States and Tribal Government - We discuss how the US government and sovereign nations government works and compare the similarities and differences. Students learn the roles of each of the three branches and how they are connected.

    Spatial Thinking - This unit focuses on map skills and the historical perspective maps provide (this unit is completed in trimester 2).

    5th Grade:

    Ancient American Civilizations - Students examine societies that existed in North America and Mesoamerica before the 1500’s specifically focusing on the Aztecs and the Mound Builder civilizations. 

    European Contact - Students examine European Explorers and their motivations (this unit is completed in trimester 2).