When can referrals be made to the program?

    During the student's 12th grade year, their high school IEP team will generate a referral. An intake meeting will be held to specifically identity and develop an appropriate process to transition to the Bridges program.

    Do students receive diplomas?

    It is expected that each student who attends Bridges will graduate through the accomplishment of their IEP goals. The student will receive a diploma from his/her home high school when the goals on the IEP have been completed or the student has reached the age of 21.

    What employment options are available?

    Students are provided with job experiences that best fit their unique needs, strengths, and preferences. The Vocational Skills classroom located at Bridges gives the student a job experience while learning to improve vocational skills on a variety of work tasks. Non-paid district sites also provide students with additional work experience while providing continued vocational training. Community sites, where students earn a paycheck, give workers a first hand look at what it takes to hold and keep a competitive job. Job coaches offer support to students who need assistance at the workplace.

    What about transition to adult services?

    Prior to graduation, students and their guardians are encourages to meet with their county social worker and set up tours of potential adult service providers. When the student and their guardian have selected an adult provider, a meeting can be scheduled to develop an appropriate transition plan.

    What if my student is absent or will be late?

    If a student is absent or arriving late please notify Bridges Health or the case manager no later than 7:30am. Students or their parents need to contact the employer and the bus company regarding their absence.


    Does Bridges have a lunch program?
    School lunch is available to all students at Bridges. The cost is consistent with district established meal prices. Students are encouraged to pay for lunches one month at a time. Checks should be made payable to the Child Nutrition Program. Students may also bring a lunch from home. A refrigerator and a microwave are available for student use.

    Bridges follows the same Anoka-Hennepin District #11 guidelines for free and reduced lunches. All meals must meet standards established the the U.S. Department of Agriculture. If a young adult has been determined by a physician to have a disability and the disability prevents the child from eating the regular meal, this school district will make modifications or substitutions prescribed by the physician at no additional charge. A written physician's statement will be required.