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    Welcome to the Physical Education Pages.

    Students in grades K-5 receive Physical Education instruction for 1 hour, 1 day a week or 1/2 hour, 2 days per week.  Fitness, skill development, sportsmanship and cooperation are covered during each class session. 

    PE is supposed to be fun for all. I try to provide an atmosphere the nurtures teamwork and cooperation. Students learn creative and traditional ways to stay active and fit.

    My mission is to help every student reach his or her highest potential, not just in the gym, but also in life. 
    *I will do this by encouraging each student to do his or her best. 
    *I will always bring a positive attitude to the gym. 
    *I will always treat each student with fairness and respect. 
    *I will develop high expectations of my students for effort, behavior, teamwork, and cooperation. These expectations will help the students interact and participate in Physical Education in a positive manner. These expectations will also help the students in every day life. 
    *I want to instill a lifelong love of physical activity to inspire my students to become healthy, happy adults. 
    I want my students to leave my gym with two thoughts in mind: (a) yes I can, and (b) a strong, healthy body helps create a strong, healthy mind. 
  • Paul Dudley
    Paul Dudley
    Lead Physical Education Specialist
    Rum River Elementary School
    16950 Verdin St. NW
    Andover, MN, 55304 

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