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    Fitness Testing Explained
    Fitness testing occurs each year in elementary school. Children practice hard for these tests with the goal of improving their fitness. Their fitness report will show you how your child did this year during fitness testing. Please do not focus on the letter grade. That is there just to show you where they would sit if these tests were graded. The ultimate goal is for each child to improve their fitness from year to year. Any type of improvement is excellent!

    Please encourage your child to do their best on these tests. Staying fit is very important throughout life and fitness testing helps many people see where their fitness levels are. The results can be used to help students and parents work on improving fitness.

    To see current fitness testing standards by grade level, please click on the links below.  You will also find a quick explanation of each fitness test that the students perform throughout the year.

    Mile and 1/2 Mile Run
    Purpose: The purpose of the mile or half-mile run test is to measure the functional capacity and endurance of the cardiorespiratory system (lungs and heart).
    1 mile walk/run, timed Grades 3-5
    1/2 mile walk/run, timed Grades 1-2

    Sit Ups
    Purpose: The purpose of the sit up test is to evaluate abdominal (stomach muscles) strength and endurance.
    Standards: (# of sit ups in 1 minute)
    Pull Ups
    Purpose: The purpose of this test is to evaluate upper body strength. This test is done from a pull up bar starting from a hanging position. The chin must go above the bar to be counted as a full pull up.
    Standards: (# of pull ups completed)
     Sit and Reach
    Purpose: The purpose of this test is to evaluate the flexibility of the
    low back and the back of the thigh(hamstrings).
    Standards: (sitting and reaching towards the toes with legs straight, measured in centimeters)