Career Closet
    The Career Closet is a free fashion boutique open to Anoka-Hennepin students for job interviews and certain school events. All items are free to referred Anoka-Hennepin students. The Career Closet provides Anoka-Hennepin students with new or gently used professional clothing, accessories, and personal care items suitable for job interviews and continuing success in the workplace.
    TLC Toys
    Pathways is in partnership with TLC Toys, a non-profit organization established in 1991. TLC Toys is comprised of a group of Officers, Directors, Advisors and over 90 volunteers. Their vision is to provide toys to children in need around the world. Toy production workers at Pathways receive shipments from TLC Toys, complete the assembly process, prepare the items for return and make arrangements for return shipment.
    REBOOT focuses on reuse or recycling of computers and computer related peripherals. Refurbishment is the preferred path for electronic components, however dismantling and recovery of raw materials is often the best option. REBOOT workers acquire computers through community drives, individual donations and District #11 outdated hardware. Once acquired, materials are evaluated for refurbishment or recycling and processed. You can be assured that your donated computer parts are utilized to their full extent or are being recycled in a responsible, environmentally friendly, and safe manner.
    District Laundry
    Pathways has implemented a centralized custodial laundry service for District #11, which also serves as a work skills training and career exploration area. Students use three washers and dryers to launder custodial towels and rags, which arrive from various buildings throughout the district. Laundry attendants are responsible for receiving, sorting, laundering, and shipping items.

    Student Work Skill Evaluation