• Independent Reading Requirements



    It has been proven in multiple studies that the more kids read, the better readers they become!  This is why independent reading is a critical part of ELA.  It is one of the two homework assignments regularly given.  (More news to come about the second homework assignment!)



    ·      Students have the option to record reading minutes or reading pages per month

    ·      Students who read slowly are usually better off recording minutes. 

    ·      Students can change their choices after the month is over.

    ·      All minutes will be kept track of on the monthly calendars in the front of the student planner.

    ·      Students will total the minutes/pages and write the total in the planner at the end of the month.

    ·      Parents/Guardians should sign.  The log will be due on the 1st school day of the following month.

    ·      In an effort to discourage guessing minutes/pages, no independent reading minutes/pages will be accepted from the previous month after the first five days of the next month.



    We read in class for 30 minutes EVERY DAY!


    Students are required to read 105 pages in their Book Clubs every week.


    It is totally acceptable for students to read magazines, newspapers, online, for their independent reading.  We just want kids to READ and enjoy reading!!!!


    Students are not required to track reading after May 31, 2016.



    Students should include their classroom pages on their calendars.

    800 total pages = A

    700 total pages = B

    600 total pages = C



    Students should ONLY include at home reading time on their calendars.

    600 minutes at home = A

    450 minutes at home = B

    300 minutes at home = C


    Thank you for your support!!!!