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    Your child will be spending a lot of time with me this year so here's a little information about me. I live in Andover with my husband Pete, our three children, our puppy Cooper, our 'grand-dog Ringo our two cats Ridley and Lil girl. We have one daughter, Paige and twin sons, Braeden and Ethan.

    Ringo               cats              cooper
    Cooper is our newest addition. He is an English Bulldog and turned 1 in August. We just love him to bits! Ringo was adopted by Paige from the Humane Society while she was in college (enough said!) and lives with us now. We have fallen in love with his spunky personality!  I will be telling the kids all about the crazy things these two do and how they are best friends!  We also have two cats 'Ridley' and 'Lil Girl' to keep them company! They get into plenty of trouble too!
    Oh and I love EVERYTHING Seuss as you will see from my classroom!!!