• Digital Color Press

    Our high speed full color digital press prints on a number of types of media up to 13x19. This allows you to print small quantities at a reasonable price with professional quality. Call or email Ron Hallstrom for pricing information.


    Large Format Poster Printer

    Print large posters and banners. Have your poster or vinyl banner designed by one of our graphic designers or send in your own high resolution artwork. Posters can be made up to 44 inches wide. We can laminate posters 24 inches wide and smaller. Indoor/outdoor vinyl banners with grommets for hanging available. Posters can be mounted on foam core for display (easels available). Estimated pricing on right.


    Printing Press

    Our offset presses are designed for high volume multi-color printing jobs. These presses provide you the highest visual resolution for your printing needs. The prices for offset printing run slightly higher than copier costs because it requires a higher quality paper to provide the professional image that you desire. We will recommend the offset press when your document contains a lot of photos, screens and graphics or a large quantity will be more cost effective.
  • Large Posters

    Size         Price     Laminated
    18x24      $8.00        $9.00
    24x36    $11.00      $13.00
    24x48    $13.00      $15.50
    24x60    $16.00      $19.00
    24x72    $18.00      $22.00
    Prices are estimated. Includes all costs: paper, labor and machine costs. Subject to change.