BC Sample  
    Once your order is received you can expect your business cards to be ready within a week to 10 days. District business cards can be printed in black or district blue ink. School business cards are printed with the school logo and color. Community Education business cards are printed in full color and are two sided. Community Education and school business card examples and pricing are shown on the forms below. 
    Download the order form you need here:
    Email your order to printshop@ahschools.us or fax to 763-506-1590.  
  • Black ink 

    50 cards....$6.85 
    100 cards...$13.70
    500 cards...$16.70
    1000 cards..$20.40

    District blue ink 

    50 cards....$8.08 
    100 cards...$16.15
    500 cards...$28.00
    1000 cards..$42.90 
    Prices are subject to change. 
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    To use electronic form you must open and save the form using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system contact your tech person. You may print form, write in your information and email or fax the form. It is not required to use the form electronically.