Course description
    Students will explore mostly linear functions and their relationships displayed in table and graph form. In alignment with grade level standards, students will also learn topics related to geometry and exponential relationships. In our class students will have the opportunity to view review videos at home of class concepts and time will be provided time in class to receive additional assistance for those that need it. Students will continually self-assess themselves through class formative assessments and reflection on the class learning targets. Homework will be limited to a few days a week and a goal time of 30 minutes or less although a student can review or practice as much as they wish beyond that each day. If your child is absent or they did not get their assignment written down, please visit the class homework update page.


    Structure for learning

    Class resources

    For class resources, students should do the following:

    1. Go to the class homework update page

    2. Click on “Course contents”

    3. You must log in to your AH Apps account--if it says you do not have access you are probably logged in to a different Google account and will need to sign out first.

    4. Navigate to your current Unit/Section of study


    Systemic Interventions

    • Students are responsible for viewing their current grades online on a regular basis.

    • If a student needs help, please see Ms. Thom from 7:30 to 7:55 am in the Cafeteria and continuing in room with Mr. Schwen in 102 after the 7:55 bell.

    • To ensure course completion in the spring there will be a minimum expectation of daily progress.

      • Students not meeting the expectation will receive an additional student intervention to assist them in meeting the course expectations.

    • ZAP will be assigned to students missing work when classwork is checked.

      • This can include assignments that were low scores or test retakes.

    • Students may retake a quiz or test at teacher’s discretion and after completing the assigned retake process.

      • Students will earn the grade of the most recent test, better or worse.

    Communication with Parents

    • Grades will be updated within one to two days of student work handed in (unless a circumstance prevents this).