• Vocabulary  


    It is important to study for each and every vocabulary test.  Students will learn 100 new words this year, 20 Greek/Latin roots, and 20 idioms!  They will have ten unit vocabulary tests this year--with ten vocabulary words, two roots, and two idioms for each unit.

    *Retakes are available for all vocabulary tests--except for finals.  

    Here is the retake process:  

    1) Students must create vocabulary flashcards for each vocab word/root/idiom. (Format must follow the instructions on their flashcard  handout.)  

    2)  Students must study those flashcards.  

    3)  When the student is ready to retake a test, they must have a note from their parent stating that they have studied for the test and are ready to retake it.  

    4)  Student needs to arrange a time with me to retake the test.  

    5)  I must see their flashcards, parent note, and old test in order to retest.  

    *There will be a final, cumulative vocabulary test at the end of the year; accordingly, students should keep all of their vocabulary notes and tests and begin reviewing now.

    Unit 1 Vocab:

    Regular Unit 1:  abduct, guerrillas, buffoon, flounder, culture, elegant, inhabit, goad, fertile, and aqueduct.  

    SAT Unit 1: chattel, austere, lament, aloof, cerebral, incongruous, bulwark, connoisseur, cacophony, and expunge.  

    Unit 2 Vocab:

    Regular Unit 2:  prance, encroach, smitten, allude, fleet, parallel, horizontal, vertical, bliss, and drench.  

    SAT Unit 2: trenchant, procrastination, roster, impede, forbear, migratory, evade, efface, asunder, and incite.  

    Unit 3 Vocab:

    Regular Unit 3:  shoddy, transpire, hoax, qualms, harsh, famine, adjacent, wary, dread, and aghast.  

    SAT Unit 3:  quixotic, beleaguer, milieu, histrionic, bludgeon, arduous, reminisce, opportune, dulcet, and porcine.  

    Unit 4 Vocab:

    Regular Unit 4:  shun, resident, ruthless, obsolete, magnate, despite, conceal, climate, swelter, and wean.

    SAT Unit 4: lassitude, coterie, ballistics, ambiance, girth, askew, mores, propulsive, cranny, and callow.   

    Unit 5 Vocab:

    Regular Unit 5: hypnotize, dovetail, gape, outfox, afloat, carp, endorse, remainder, amble, and enroll

    SAT Unit 5:  laconic, chronic, aptitude, endure, cower, queue, irascible, giddy, harrowing, and gossamer

    Unit 6 Vocab:

    Regular Unit 6: succor, runt, wad, avert, zigzag, fervor, fowl, whimsical, scamper, and prevail.  

    SAT Unit 6: myriad, accolade, grandiloquent, caucus, dromedary, nepotism, noxious, insouciant, harangue, and atrophy

    Unit 7 Vocab:

    Regular Unit 7: agility, wail, passive, acclaim, colossal, underdog, innate, parapet, retrieve, and catamaran.  

    SAT Unit 7: catapult, muster, paranoia, craven, mode, beget, alienate, commodious, curtail, and gluton.  

    Unit 8 Vocab:

    Regular Unit 8:  fetch, prototype, abound, zeal, quack, shamble, inept, literate, splice, and embark.  

    SAT Unit 8:  martyr, consensus, citadel, obtuse, congenial, doldrums, scrutinize, surfeit, blather, and aspire.  

    Unit 9 Vocab:

    Regular Unit 9: waft, perturb, bulletin, felon, stifle, porous, limber, enamor, utter, and awry.  

    SAT Unit 9: elapse, veer, karma, astute, resurgent, truculent, inveigle, castigate, misnomer, and draconian.  

    Unit 10 Vocab:

    Regular Unit 10:  adage, calamity, survive, dismantle, sleazy, falter, encumber, embed, obtain, and intuition.  

    SAT Unit 10:  amenable, precarious, criterion, guise, lesion, gird, catharsis, fetish, dissolution, and forage.