• roots  
    Greek and Latin Roots/Prefixes/Suffixes: (These questions will be on every vocabulary test - cumulative as the weeks progress.)

    Unit 1:
    Roots: cent: one hundred
               oct: eight
    Unit 2:
    Suffixes: -ology: the study of
               graph/gram: to write or to draw

    Unit 3:  
    Roots: anti: against
               syn/sym: together

    Unit 4:  
    Roots: metr/meter: measure
               min: small
    Prefix: dis/de: the opposite of
    Unit 5:
     Roots: arch: ruler
                pos:  put/place/set
    Unit 6:  
    Roots: spec/spic/scop/vis: to see
               geo/terr: earth
    Unit 7:   
    Prefix:  over: above, beyond
     Root:      log: speech/reason
    Unit 8:  
    Roots:   phil: love
                 astr/stell: star                        
                 pend: to hang
    Unit 9:   
    Root:    form: to shape
    Prefix:  fore: in front of, before
     Unit 10:  
    Prefixes:  in/im/il/ir: not, without
                    ex: out of, from, off
                    en:  to cause to be in