• 7th Grade US Studies Links


    Ellis Island Virtual Tour

    This is an interactive field trip to Ellis island. You will earn more about the istory of immigration in the United States.



    Geography Links:

    Where in the world are you?  You are given a view of a place on earth.  You are able to navigate the scene to figure out where you are. Make a guess and see if you were correct in your location. There is a world version and a US version. 

    Lots of fun mapping games.


    Geography Mapping Games

    Tutorials, capital learning games, mapping games to learn states and countries.  


    Geography Mapping Games

    Fun mapping quiz games that include all the continents and countries of the world.   You can select quizzes on individual countries and their cities, to continents and their water features, flags, and cities.  A great site to use to prep for an upcoming test.