• PE Learning Targets

    Social Interaction:

    1. I can demonstrate safe practices in all physical activity settings. (5)
    2. I can apply correct rules and procedures in all physical activity settings. (5)
    3. I can demonstrate appropriate sportsmanship behavior and fair play. (5)
    4. I am accepting and respectful of diversity within the class. (6)

    Personal Fitness:

    1. I am able to identify the differences between health and skill related fitness components. (2,4)
    2. I can calculate my maximum heart rate to determine their target heart rate zone. (4)
    3. I can describe the importance of participating in regular health enhancing activities. (3)
    4. I can identify and apply the FITT formula and the principles of training.(4)

    Movement/Motor Skills:

    1. I can identify the strength training equipment and the muscle groups associated with the exercise. (1)
    2. I can demonstrate proficiency in basic strength training exercises. (1)
    3. I am able to demonstrate several (3 or more) motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities. (1)

    Lifestyle/Physical Activity:

    1. I can explain the benefits of participation in a variety of activities in competitive and recreational settings. (6)
    2. I will compare and contrast the benefits of a physically active lifestyle as opposed to a sedentary lifestyle. (3)
    3. I will model teamwork, through sportsmanship and fair play, to reinforce interpersonal skills to be implemented in daily life. (5)
    4. I will incorporate a variety of activities and have the ability to modify them throughout my life. (3)

    Movement Concepts and Strategies:

    1. I will explain and perform each exercise correctly. (1)
    2. I can explain the difference between successful and unsuccessful strategies, tactics, and movement concepts. (2)
    3. I can distinguish what muscle groups I am using during a specific movement pattern. (1)
    4. I can apply specific movement patterns to their respective health related fitness component. (2)