• Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Will my student receive homework every night?
    A: Almost every night.  In grade three we use homework as a communication tool, so parents know what we are working on, but also to help practice responsibility.
    Q: How do I know if the items in the planner were what was done during the day, or if it is homework?
    A: In 3ET we have been circling items in our planners that are homework or require action.  That way when you check your child's planner each night you will easily see what is homework that will need to be done.
    Q: Will my student remain in 3ET for the entire school day or will he/she move around for different subjects?
    A: Most grade three students at CBPA remain in their homeroom the entire day with the exception of specials and some intervention reading and math groups that may need to meet with another teacher in a different room for 15-30 minutes. 
    Q: Why does my student need a field trip T-shirt?
    A: Students at CBPA will experience many field trips out side of the building throughout the course of our year.  For safety reasons students wear the field trip shirts so they can easily be recognized if they are not with the group.