• I can define a fossil.
    I can describe extinction.
    I can recognize how the fossil record provides evidence for change over time.
    I can compare differences between internal and external anatomical structures to infer relationships between living organisms and their common ancestor.
    I can interpret an evolutionary tree. 
    I can give examples of variation in nature.
    I can give examples of different populations.
    I can recognize how a populations’ ability to adapt and therefore survive is the basis for natural selection.
    I can evaluate how variation can help or harm an organisms’ ability to survive.
    I can define genetic diversity.
    I can use fossil evidence to show that extinction has occurred in the past, happens today and continues into the future.
    I can explain how a populations’ ability to adapt gives it a better chance of survival.
    I can define selective breeding.
    I can describe examples of selective breeding (cultivated plants and in certain traits of domesticated animals).