• • I can identify the major organs in the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, skin, urinary
    • I can analyze how organ systems interact in vertebrates. - Medium
    Explain how viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites may infect the human body and interfere with
    normal body functions.
    • I can understand the difference between viruses and bacteria.
    • I can explain how viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites interfere with normal body function. - Medium
    Recognize that a microorganism can cause specific diseases and that there are a variety of
    medicines available that can be used to combat a given microorganism.
    • I know that there are a variety of medicines available to fight microorganisms. - Medium 
    Recognize that vaccines induce the body to build immunity to a disease without actually causing 
    the disease itself.
    • I can recognize that vaccines help the body build immunity without causing illness. - Medium 
    Recognize that the human immune system protects against microscopic organisms and foreign 
    substances that enter from outside the body and against some cancer cells that arise from within.
    • I can recognize the basic function of the immune system. 
    • I can recognize that disease causing cancer cells can come from within my own body. 
    • I can distinguish between internal and external causes of disease. and - Medium (see above)
    • I can identify microorganisms that cause disease.