NEW! Fall 2019 - BRIDGES! Here's more information for you:

    Family Resources for our new curriculum! - find out how families can help support their child(ren).

    Frequently Asked Questions - What will students do in math class? 

    FREE Math Apps - The Math Learning Center provides a free collection of apps that can help your child learn and practice math concepts taught in their classroom. 

    HOME CONNECTIONS Answer Keys - provided by Bridges


    CPV = Building a better foundation of number, the value & ability to add and subtract!

    We call this CPV (Conceptual Place Value) with Levels 1-8.  If you do not know your student's CPV level - please ask!

    Expectation is Level 7 by the end of Trimester 1. 

    Videos to help students & families!

        • 2-Digit Addition & Subtraction Strategies - Youtube Videos by A-H Teachers (getting from Level 6 to Level 7)
          • See how your child is learning to add and subtract throughout elementary years
          • Builds flexible thinking with numbers = what we call "number sense"
          • Builds solid foundation for learning mathematics & understanding the value of numbers
          • Your child needs to have 2 strategies for addition & 2 for subtraction to acheive CPV level 7 (Conceptual Place Value = being able to work with numbers mentally and efficiently = manipulating numbers to compute answers)
    National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) - WONDERFUL resources
      • Join Calculation Nation - created by NCTM
        • Calculation Nation® games - upper elementary/middle grades.
        • Play strategy games to learn factors, multiples, symmetry, fractions, and more.
      • The Bunny Times
        • Players determine the number of carrots in a field using the array model of multiplication..
      • Brain Teasers 
        • Tease and test your brain with these puzzles
      • Figure This! Math Challenges for Families
        • Things to think about... and answer... fun to share with others (printable).
          Why are manhole covers round? is just one example. Sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

      Other Game & Activity Links - wide variety of topics

    Making Change by counting up - Be a store clerk work to give the customer correct change (without the use of a cash register)!
    • Click coins to place them on the counter to make change. Use the strategy of counting up to give correct change. 
    • Correct answer does not need to be with fewest coins. Answer given tells you how many coins you can use for the fewest coins.

     Making Change - another game

    • Play just like one above...counting up to amount paid!
    Clock Work

    Telling Time, Analog and Digital clocks, Elapsed Time, Time conversion, Word problems, printable worksheets

        • Mysteries for math detectives. Crack each case. A site by Scholastic.
        • Activity lists skill being worked on, as well as the level of difficult - easy, medium, or hard.
    Calculate area and perimeter of given shapes.
    A fun site for to learn about basic fractions with an on line exercise. This advances to equivalent fractions and adding fractions.
        • Guess a number between -1,000 to 1,000. 
        • Choose the range of numbers to guess from from easy to hard!


    Bingo, hidden pictures, flashcards - use homework helper to tell if your answers are correct.

     Collect data, organize it, construct a graph -  This is the place to go! 

    Individual sets of facts or mixed 

    MCA Math Test Practice/Review Sites

    First, encourage your child to practice "highlighting" important words in problems. 
    Second, have him/her use paper to work each problem out - draw pictures, equations, number patterns, number lines, or even use the inverse operation to check! (inverse for subtracting is addition - adding back together to check) 
        • Having students work on the above skills will have them become a "normal" part of their routine - so when it's test time - he/she will be in the habit of using these right off the bat!
      • MCA Math Practice site -  Click GRADE 3 to find helpful items for review. 
        • Interactive items, printables, and videos to review concepts
      • Online math practice of all math strands - Jefferson Lab state of Virginia 
        • Get an immediate response to answers being correct/incorrect. If incorrect, it will share the correct answer. 
        • See how your child has done at the end of their practice (5 problems, 10, 20 or 40 can be chosen). 
        • Can also view the amount of time your child worked through all the problems. 



    Get out there... in space and discover!
    Science: Earth's Moon


    READING - for parents & kids 

    Wonders - Your student's curriculum for Reading, Spelling, Writing, Grammar

    Reading Rockets is a national multimedia literacy initiative offering information and resources on how young kids learn to read, why so many struggle, and how caring adults can help. 


    Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers
      • Accompanies the PBS "Reading Rockets" television series
        • parent tips, video clips, interviews with reading expert, book lists, answers to key reading qtns 
      • Send an E-Card!
        • Catch a kid reading…
          …and let him or her know how proud you are! Send it to your favorite reader – your child or grandchild, your niece or nephew, a student, a neighbor, a friend.
    International Literacy Association
      • A reading list with a twist! Children themselves evaluate the books and write reviews of their favorites.
      • Check it out...maybe you too will find a book you'd like to read!
    The Lexile Framework for Reading - Matching readers with texts
      • Utilize the Lexile range listed on your child's MAP Reading Test results to find good fit books
      • Choose from a variety of ways to search from - genre, interests, subject, & more
      • Type in a specific book title to determine its' Lexile level to see if it's a book your child could read.



    Meet a wonderful children’s performer who has traveled the globe to share music that inspires, empowers and is just plain fun! On this website you can find lots of great ways to have fun with music, build your own instruments, discover silly songs or design a multi-cultural project for your school or community group.


      • Anti-Bullying Web site. National Bullying Prevention Awareness. 
      • Valuable information and some fun games.