• Transitions Program (New Students)

    "Transitions" is a new student program to assist incoming students with achieving academic and social success. The focus of the program is to provide support through individual and group check-in times for up to three weeks.

    These are the steps of the program:

    • First contact and introduction at registration or during the school tour. New students are given the school tour by selected Falcon Friends. Falcon Friends also arrange a lunch meet-up with their New Student. (Falcon Friends are trained to conduct school tours, answer questions, and welcome New Students.)
    • One on one meeting with Mrs.Tauer 1-2 days after start date to review school policies, to hear concerns, and answer questions.
    • Mrs. Tauer meets with new students several times in the first three weeks.
    • Students are informed that Mrs. Tauer is available as needed after the three weeks.
    • Parents are ALWAYS welcome to call Mrs. Tauer with any school concerns throughout the school year. You may contact Mrs.Tauer through email or phone.
  • Concerns that Mrs. Tauer can help to address:

    • School supplies
    • Scholarships for Fieldtrips/Activities
    • Contacting Teachers, How to
    • Extracurricular activity fees, applications
    • Student's academic progress
    • Social/making friends
    • School policies