• Ramsey Elementary has an amazing outdoor space with more than 25 acres devoted to our Environmental Learning Area (ELA).
    Our ELA includes a system of trails and 13 stations and points of interest. The trails lead through woodland, tall and short grass prairies, and to a wetland with an observation deck. There are also several acres devoted to free exploration. Our ELA is National Wildlife Federation Schoolyard Habitat, and Minnesota School Forest. It was developed with assistance from the School Nature Area Project (SNAP), the Minnesota DNR, and Twin City Tree Trust.

    Ramsey's ELA has been developed and maintained through the efforts of dedicated staff and volunteers including Scouts who have done Eagle Scout projects.

    Visitors are invited to use the ELA trails during non-school hours for low impact activities like walking, birding, picnics, photography and snowshoeing. Pets, motorized vehicles, bikes, and leaving the trail are NOT allowed.

    Find out more about nature at Ramsey Elementary and other places in the Twin Cities below. For more information or to share ideas, please contact jean.forrest@ahschools.us.
    • Beyond the Classroom: see how students learn about the environment and how the environment benefits learning. 
    • Special Projects: projects by students and volunteers to maintain and improve the ELA.
    • Poison Ivy Identification: is it Poison Ivy or isn't it? Look at pictures and a checklist to help you know for sure. 
    • Other Nature Websites: lots of links to nature websites and lists of nature centers.