• "Music education is about music LITERACY
    not simply music ACTIVITY"
  • family Mr. Weller has been a music educator-artist for more than 20 years and this is his 17th year at Jefferson. He lives in Fridley with his wife Elissa, daughter Amelia, and son Miles. In addition to teaching at Jefferson, Mr. Weller directs the handbell choirs at his church and travels all over the country teaching other music educators. He describes his teaching by saying that, "in the music classroom we are working on being artists. I believe very strongly in the idea of "Educator-Artist" as my title because I am an accomplished musician who wants to educate others in this art form. I am trying to create a community of musicians in my classroom who can think and make creative choices based in musicality. Of course I also stress the importance of musical literacy; the ability to read and write music."


    B.A. Instrumental Music Education from St. Olaf Collage
    M.A. in Education from St. Mary's University 
    3 Levels plus a master class of Orff Schulwerk Training 
    Other Professional Activities
    Nationally recognized workshop leader/presenter  
    Certified Orff Schulwerk Teacher Trainer Levels I and II
    Board Member of MN Orff Chapter