• Student Achievement Goals


    • Student Achievement Goal data must be entered into AHEP form SAG by March 31st of the current year. (Probationary deadline is February 28th.) Student Achievement Entry Directions.
    • Set by individual staff members, which may include consultation with PLC / CT members.
    • Staff members receive an incentive of $185 for meeting the Student Achievement Goal.

    Student Achievement Goal Rubric

    High cycle and probationary staff members will have their Student Achievement Goal scored by the administrator performing their observations. The rubric will not only measure if a staff member successfully attained their goal, but other factors such as determining needs of students, creation of the goal, action plan, monitoring student progress, and reflection. This score goes toward the administrator's summative evaluation of the staff member.

    Low cycle/Q Comp staff members work with their Q Comp Peer Evaluator for the 3 observation cycles will self-assess where their goal would fall on the rubric. Administrators will be able to look back at the goals that were submitted during the Q Comp years.


    Student Achievement Goals must be written in SMART goal format.


    Your Student Achievement Goal and AHEP

    Student Achievement Goal Entry Directions


    Goal Assistant

    The Student Achievement Goal Assistant can act as a starting point for developing your goal. The goal assistant DOES NOT automatically enter the information in AHEP. If you use the assistant, you will need to copy and paste your goal into form A in AHEP.


    Additional Resources:

    Goal Frames - Frameworks that can be used to help structure a proficient or distinguished goal.
    SAG Planning Sheet- Planning guide that asks questions to help develop your goal.
    SAG Self-Assessment Rubric-Use to self-assess the level of your Students Achievement Goal for PAS.