• Reading: Students should be reading 25 minutes each night. Pick something you enjoy and read, read, read! Then record the title and the number of minutes in your planner. 
    Spelling: Spelling words are sent home on the first day of each new unit, except for week 6 of each unit. I will let the students know what day the test will be on. If you aren't seeing a paper copy come home, let me know. You can also access the words and a variety of spelling activities on your child's Wonders page. 
     Word work and fluency: Each Wednesday, your child will bring home a new word work/fluency sheet in their Wednesday folder. They should read the fluency out loud 5 of the 7 days that they have the sheet, and complete the word work sentences and sketches by the following Wednesday. It shouldn't take very long to complete either part, and both will be very helpful in building vocabulary and fluency. There are copies on-line on my webpage if your child loses their sheet. 
    Math: Students will have some math homework and you should look for a green sheet each Wednesday in their folder. It will be due the following Wednesday.