• Bullying awareness initiatives

    Within each school and districtwide, there are many initiatives and programs to promote kindness, encourage empathy, foster school safety, and raise bullying awareness.

    Districtwide initiatives

    In order to raise awareness and build and engender trust and empathy, the following is a list of programs, projects, and engagements put forth by the school district:
    • Superintendent listening sessions: The superintendent visits each secondary building and meets with a group of students to discuss school safety issues.
    • Anti-bully survey: Each year, random classrooms in grades four, six, eight and 10 (approximately 6,200 students) take the Anoka-Hennepin anti-bully survey. 
    • Anti-bully poster contest.
    • Anti-bully/anti-harassment community task force.
    • Anti-bullying/anti-harassment leadership team.
    • Anoka-Hennepin tip line.
    • Anti-bullying/anti-harassment discipline DVDs.

    School building initiatives

    Many of the district's 36 school buildings have a variety of anti-bullying programs. The following list is not definitive, as some programs are initiated by students and may last only one school year:
    • Anti-Bullying clubs.
    • Bully bystander student training.
    • Kindness retreats.
    • Mix It Up Day.
    • No Name Calling Week.
    • Choose Respect.
    • ENVoY.
    • Restitution.
    • Second Step.

    Staff development

    District staff are offered professional development opportunities in anti-bully/anti-harassment awareness, cyber bullying, and much more. The following list is professional development offered on a yearly basis or more frequently:
    • Internet safety.
    • Navigating difficult conversations in the secondary classroom.
    • Culturally responsive teaching.
  • Anti-bullying poster example
  • Anti-bullying poster example
  • Anti-bullying poster example