• Frequently asked questions

    1) Where can I find more information on clock hours and relicensure?
    From the Anoka-Hennepin Continuing Education Committee web site at:
    2) How many clock hours do I need?
    This will be updated Fall 2019 based on new legislation regarding licensure requirements
    3) What specific topics must I include?
    The State of Minnesota requires that teachers must include these topics as part of their 125 clock hours every five years.  MDE License Renewal Conditions (Dec. 2018)
    • Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies (2 hours)
    • Scientifically-Based Reading Instruction (2 hours)
    • Understanding the Key Warning Signs for Early-Onset Mental Illness in Children and Adolescents (2 hours)
    • Suicide Prevention Component addition (1 hour)
    • English Language Learners (2 hours)
    • Cultural Comptetency (2 hours)
    4) Are there exceptions?
    Yes, certain teachers are exempt from certain requirements. Download the Guidelines document from our web site.
    5) How do I know what requirements I’ve already met?
    You can check on Learning Management System (LMS):

    Click on My License Info (on the sidebar)

    Under Renewal Requirements you can see the numbers that correspond to the state requirements. Note: You must have at least two hours for each State Area requirement to fulfill the requirement.
    You can also look at all of your coursework
    Click on HOME (on the sidebar)
    Click on Portfolio  (straight right from the HOME tab)
    6) What if I think my info on Learning Management System (LMS) is incomplete?
    It's possible that you've taken workshop sessions that meet the state requirements that are not indicated in My Learning Plan. Chances are you took the workshop before the state mandated the tracking of those requirements. No worries - we can fix that. If you think you've participated in a workshop that meets one of the state requirements and it is not indicated on My Learning Plan, please follow these steps to have the committee consider your request:

    1. Contact the presenter or district organizer of the workshop session.

    2. Ask the presenter or district organizer to send to the Continuing Education Committee (ESC):
    • Title of session
    • Date of session
    • Which state requirement(s) you feel the session fulfills
    • Length of session
    • Agenda or list of topics covered
    • A short statement how the workshop met the requirement

      If the Continuing Education Committee determines the session fulfills the requirement, the Learning Management System (LMS) records of those attending the session will be updated. Please note: Due to the limitations of Learning Management System (LMS), records may not be updated until summer.
    7) What resources are available to help me meet the requirements?
    Here is a short list:
    • District and building staff development sessions
    • District Community Education staff development sessions
    • Local AHEM staff development sessions
    • Mental Health workshops sponsored by the Continuing Education Committee
    • Online workshops: http://professionallearningboard.com
    • Hoonuit
    • College courses
    • MN AHEM staff development sessions
    8) When does my teaching license expire?
    You can check your license info at the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) website
    9) How do I renew?
    You will renew online with the Minnesota Department of Education. Specific details will be sent to you early in the year in which your license expires.
    10) When can I renew?
    You can renew your license as early as January 1 of your license’s expiration year as soon as you’ve met all the renewal requirements.
    11) Do I get clock hours for meetings at my school?
    Clock hours are only granted for time spent on professional development. Staff, department, and committee meetings generally do not qualify. However, if time is spent during those meetings on professional development topics, the time spent on those topics does qualify.
    12) What about Collaborative Teams?
    CT time does count for continuing education clock hours in Category G. At the end of each school year, one person from each building should send a list to the Continuing Education Committee listing each teacher and the total amount of time that each teacher spent in PLC activities during the year. Please note that there is a maximum of 30 hours for Category G for each five-year renewal period.
    13) What’s the deal on categories?
    The State of Minnesota has identified nine categories in which clock hours may be earned. Teachers must earn hours in at least two categories (this is rarely an issue).
    14) How can I learn more about the relicensure categories?
    Complete descriptions can be found on our Guidelines document that can be downloaded from the Anoka-Hennepin Continuing Education Committee web site:
    15) What activities count for clock hours?
    Clock hours are granted to improve your professional practice through meaningful and purposeful continuing education activities in a variety of professional growth categories. By state law, the committee will not grant clock hours for experiences that are primarily for personal rather than professional improvement. Examples of acceptable and non-acceptable activities are outlined in our Guidelines document that can be downloaded from our web site:
    16) Is there an official form we should use for group staff development activities?
    Yes. We have modified it to include the new state requirements. Please use the new form. It can be downloaded from our web site: https://www.ahschools.us/continuingeducation
    17) Do I have to fill it out completely?
    18) How do I apply for clock hours for activities outside the district?
    1. Log in to Learning Management System (LMS)
    2. Under Fill-in Forms on the left side of the screen, click on Clock Hrs Request
    3. Complete the form and click on Submit
    4. Send verification of the activity via district mail to Sonya Griffith at the ESC. Be sure your name is on the verification.
    19) How can I learn more about clock hours, license renewal, and the Continuing Education Committee?
    Download our Guidelines document from our web site: https://www.ahschools.us/continuingeducation
    20) Am I able to track my clock hours on the Minnesota Dept of Education web site?
    Not at this time. Anoka-Hennepin's Learning Management System  does not interface with the MDE database.