Pathways REBOOT

    REBOOT focuses on reuse or recycling of computers and computer related peripherals.  Refurbishment is the preferred path for electronic components, however dismantling and recovery of raw materials is often the best option.  REBOOT workers acquire computers through community drives, individual donations, and District #11 outdated hardware.  Once acquired, materials are evaluated for refurbishment or recycling and processed.  You can be assured that your donated computer parts are utilized to their full extent or are being recycled in a responsible, environmentally friendly, and safe manner.


    Through REBOOT, students work in scenarios where they gain skills on how to use, build, and understand computers.  Ideally, the program provides even the most inexperienced computer user with moderate knowledge and skill in assembly of components as well as basic understanding of software and its availability, (software used is open source).  Upon successful completion of the REBOOT program, students can earn a refurbished computer.  Future plans also include donating computers to families in need and selling refurbished computers in our school store.

    Hard Drive Security

    If you donate a computer to REBOOT, you can be assured data on your hard drive is protected and secure.  For hard drive reuse, REBOOT uses Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN), which securely wipes a computer’s hard disk.  This makes DBAN a suitable utility for data destruction.  The drive is then reformatted and has Ubuntu Linux operating system written over it.

    If a drive is not going to be reused, REBOOT physically destroys the portion of the drive that contains data.  A metal spike is driven through the platters of a hard drive, then the entire drive is sent to our recycler, who further "shreds" the device.  Donors are welcome to schedule a time, (763-506-7600), to check out our testing room and/or drive destruction area to experience these processes for themselves!

    Computer Donations

    Drop off your donations Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 2:00pm at Pathways, 11238 Crooked Lake Blvd, Coon Rapids.  Look for our sign above the door. Our schedule follows the Anoka Hennepin District #11 Calendar.  Please schedule your drop off donation on days students attend, and check in with staff who will receive your items.


    REBOOT’s process begins with collecting computers and computer related electronics. Most donations are accepted without charge, however we request that you consider donating money with particular hardware due to recycling costs to REBOOT.

    Accepted Donations
    • Computers
    • Ink Jet Desktop Printers
    • Laser Desktop Printers
    • Scanners
    • CRT & LCD monitors ($10.00)
    • Keyboards and Mice
    • Networking Devices
    • Cell Phones
    We Do Not Accept
    • Styrofoam
    • Copiers
    • Large floor model printers
    • Household Appliances
    • Batteries
    • Fluorescent Light Bulbs
    • Fax Machines
    • Stereo Components
    • Televisions
    • Handhelds
    How to Donate Hardware

    You may drop off your equipment during the hours stated above or participate in one of our computer recycling drives, (see Pathways home page for upcoming events).

    Please prepare your donation in the following manner to help with processing your equipment:

    1. Untangle all cords and cables. Coil them up with a rubber band or twist tie.
    2. Attach power adapters (AC adaptors, transformers) to their associated equipment (such as powered speakers, printers or routers)
    3. If you are including software and manuals, please bundle together