• What is Math Recovery?

    Math Recovery is a program designed to help ensure that all students will be successful in mathematics. If a student is not successful early in the school experience, negative feelings toward mathematics and lack of self-confidence can emerge. Over time, as the knowledge gap widens, finding success becomes even more difficult.
    The aim of Math Recovery is to provide these students with assistance before they experience too much failure. The goal is to help students advance to the level at which they can successfully learn with their peers.

    Number and number relationships that seem obvious to adults may not be so obvious for children. A child's understanding can vary greatly from an adults knowledge. The development of this knowledge does not come from telling, but rather through the child's personal construction of the knowledge. Children must have personal experiences to learn and relate to various forms of numbers.

    Math Recovery has its focus in the number operation and concept strand of math and its emphasis on assessment and intervention. The instructional strategies include the following key topics:
    • Forward and backward number word sequence (verbal ability to count forward and backward).
    • Numeral identification.
    • Structuring numbers (recognizing patterns such as dice, dominoes, and finger patterns).
    • Addition and subtraction.
    • Tens and ones (basics of place value).
    Research has shown early arithmetical concepts are the foundation for all future mathematics and learning in mathematics. As a Math Recovery student works one-on-one with the teacher, they gain confidence in their abilities. This confidence helps them find success not only in math, but in all curriculum areas.