• Frequently Asked Questions about Kindergarten:

    1. Will my child go outside for recess everyday?
    Yes, your child will go out for 30 minutes everyday, weather permitting.  Please make sure your child has proper clothing and shoes for outdoor play.  We go outside unless it is raining or the temperature is below zero or -10 windchill.  During winter months, be sure your child has snow pants, boots, a jacket, hat, and gloves with him/her every day.
    2. Will my child have nap or rest time during the day?
    No, we do not have a designated rest time.  You can expect your child to come home very tired, especially at the beginning of the year.  Please be sure your child gets plenty of rest and has an early bedtime so he/she is ready for the school day.
    3. Can my child bring a birthday treat?
    Yes, birthday treats are welcome.  Please be sure it is store-bought and that there is enough for the entire class.  Check with your child's teacher regarding any allergies in the class.  Healthy treats are preferred. In place of a treat, a favorite book, pencils, or another item to share with the class is another option.
    4. Can my child bring toys from home? Do you have sharing time?
    Please keep all toys at home.  Your child's teacher may take away toys brought into the classroom as they are a distraction from learning.  Thank you for your support in keeping toys at home.  Every child will get a chance to be the Star of the Week in his/her classroom and will get time to share some things with his/her class.  Information will be sent home when it is your child's special week.
    5. Will my child have snack time?
    This year our lunchtime is in the middle of the school day so we are not planning on having a snack time at this time.
    6. Can my child bring invitations for his/her birthday party?
    If the entire class is being invited, we welcome talking openly about upcoming birthday parties.  We realize it is not always possible to invite everyone.  In this case, please try to make plans outside of school or send invitations with your child to give to his/her teacher.  Please talk with your child about the possibility of hurt feelings of their classmates and remind them to keep talking about parties to a minimum.
    7. Will my child learn how to read this year in Kindergarten?
    Yes!  Your child will become a reader this year!  Please read with your child every day to foster a love for reading.  Book bags with books at your child's approximate instructional level will start coming home in the winter.  The more they read, the better readers they will become.  Thank you for your support.
    8. What about lunch?
    We have a 25-minute lunch block each day.  Every student is assigned a PIN number to use when buying school lunch.  Help your child memorize this number to make lunchtime go smoothly.  You are also welcome to send in a cold lunch from home.  Kindergarten students can also receive breakfast for free each day.
    9. Can I come have lunch with my child?
    Yes, you are welcome to join your child's class for lunch.  Our lunchtime is 11:10 to 11:35 p.m.  Be sure to leave yourself enough time to check in at the front door for a visitor sticker and meet our class by the lunchroom.  If someone other than a custodial parent is coming for lunch, please call the office at 763-506-3500 to give your permission. 
    10. Can I volunteer?
    Yes, volunteers are welcome at Mississippi. There are many opportunities including working in the classroom with students, prep work, and field trip chaperones.  Background checks are required in order to be a volunteer both in the building and on field trips.  We encourage you to fill out and return the form at the beginning of the school year so you are set for the year.  You can contact:
    Jessica Roerick, Volunteer Service Coordinator, with any questions about volunteer opportunities at 763-506-3537 or jessica.roerick@ahschools.us.  You can also visit the volunteer opportunity website.