• Boys Men's and women's groups

    The goal of each group is to empower students. SAAs mentor, support, build students' self-esteem, provide encouragement and safe interaction with peers, offer decision-making tools, a voice, and respect.


    The curriculum specifically addresses topics such as:

    • Self-esteem/identity
    • Perceptions
    • Making choices
    • Tolerance
    • Service learning


    The group meets once per week and is directed by the school's SAA. The students are selected through teacher/staff referrals and by the SAA.

    Students reported positive feelings about being in a men’s/women’s group. Specifically they indicated personal growth, feeling comfortable in the group, and a better understanding of themselves and others as a result of being in the group. (Reports taken from end of the year surveys).

    Please contact your school's SAA if you would like more information about these groups.