Q:  How can I help my first grader become a confident reader?
    A:  Read to and with your child everyday and spend time talking about books you have read together.
    Q:  I think my child has simply memorized his/her guided reading book. Is that a problem?
    A:  In early reading, books contain short, predictable sentences that a child can read by using the pattern, the pictures and early reading strategies. Your child will soon progress to reading the words on his or her own.
    Q:  What is invented spelling?
    A:  When young children begin to write, they generally write the letter that matches the sound they hear. Sometimes, they do not hear all the sounds in a words and write things like "cde" for "candy." Invented spelling encourages and frees children to write independently, and to write concentrating on the message, not the mechanics of what he or she is writing. It is not "anything goes" - invented spelling helps children understand how sounds make up words.
    Q:  How can I help my child with math?
    A:  Have a positive attitude about math. Talk to your child about how math is all around us and plays an important part in our daily lives. Practice counting forward and backward with your child (start at unexpected numbers like 12 or 35). Skip count with your child by 2's, 5's, and 10's. Provide opportunities for your child to work with money (learning the name and value of each coin). Remember that many of these skills can be turned into games and practiced while riding in a car or waiting in line.
    Q:  What are your homework expectations?
    A:  Spend some time reading with your child each day.  Help your child practice his or her spelling words and high frequency words.  Have your child complete the Everyday Math Home Links when they are sent home. They will always be copied onto blue paper so they are easy to spot in your child's take home folder.
    Q:  What do I need to know about recess?
    A:  Please help your student dress for the weather each morning. We will be going outside to recess unless it is raining or extremely cold.