• CRMS Partnership Action Team

    CRMS Partnership Team Invitation

       We are an interactive discussion group working together to plan volunteer projects to compliment our on-going building goals.  We are always looking for new ideas. There is more information below about what a Partnership Team is and how we approach it at CRMS.  If you would like a parent perspective on a specific policy or issue, e-mail us and we’ll put it on the agenda.

       We have not been active yet this school year and want to get things rolling again. We meet at most once a month and will start by trying an early evening to see how that works for everyone.  (We originally held daytime meetings.)  Come once to get acquainted and try it!  We realize you need to get a better look before making a commitment. 

       Please let us know if this time fits in your current schedule:

           Tuesday, March 3, 2015   5:30 – 6:30 pm   Pizza provided.     Sincerely,   Tom Shaw

    Tom Shaw  Principal 763-506-4801   tom.shaw@ahschools.us Barb Sabatke  CRMS Vol. Services Coor. 763-506-4842 barb.sabatke@ahschools.us    


    * This is a relaxed forum where you can learn more about our school and join in discussion about where we are going.  We do not have a PTO and recently replaced our former Parent Advisory with this Partnership Team. We are still building. It is more interactive and gives parents a chance to have ongoing input and involvement to benefit all of our students.  


    * The group currently consists of Principal Shaw, the CRMS Volunteer Coordinator, several other staff members and a variety of parents. It is meant to be a meaningful participation of staff, parents and other interested community members. We look at goals already set for our building by our Site Council and in our Mission Statement. We talk about ideas to further support those goals through projects that can be done manageably through our volunteer program.


    * We have previously talked about communications (especially for new families), conferences, student organization, and academic goals.


    * All members have a chance to express ideas on setting and reaching Team Goals as we brainstorm together.


    *Team members may also help set goals in place, if interested, through additional volunteer time. Involvement beyond the meetings is optional, but so far our members have been excited to be somewhat involved in the activities we have planned.

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    Anoka-Hennepin Partnership Action Teams support middle school students

    Anoka-Hennepin Parent Involvement created the opportunity for Partnership Action Teams comprised of parents, staff and community members to strengthen parent and community involvement in the middle school's annual academic and climate goals.  Unlike a PTO or Booster Club, which is autonomous from the school, the Partnership Action Team is a part of the school's committee structure. Our various Anoka-Hennepin middle school teams have completed or are developing a plan with effective initiatives that support learning.

    Some important features of Partnership Teams are:

    • they involve a mix of parents, staff and community members to examine and design what specific kinds of parent and community involvement can help the school reach its goals.
    • They are not a "listening" group; they are an action group.  

    • The team is a part of the school's structure, focused on the partnerships as an important educational element of the school.   It’s not an autonomous group apart from the school the way PTOs or booster clubs are.

    •  Very little if any energy is devoted to fundraising.  It's more about using human resource that financial resource.

    •  Dr. Joyce Epstein from Johns Hopkins University developed the model in the mid 1990s, based on research about meaningful school partnerships.

    We have found that Partnership Teams are an excellent structure for middle schools, in particular.

                                                                       Linda Rodgers, Anoka-Hennepin Parent Involvement