•  I have had the honor of working with 13 student teachers over my career.  Student teachers enter my gym with a strong desire to succeed and they bring an exciting energy to the room!



    Student teacher #13, Trevor Hess, worked with me January 2nd to February 8, 2019.  He joined me from Bethel University.
    Trevor is a graduate of Anoka High School where he excelled on the football field. After high school, Trevor started his college football career at Northwestern University (Orange City, IA) before transferring to Bethel to be part of the Bethel Royals football program.
    Mr. Hess is off and running and doing a wonderful job! 
    *Mr. Hess update!  He has accepted a Health and PE teaching position at Bloomington Jefferson High School!  He is also coaching football for the Jaguars!  Good for you, Mr. Hess!
    Student teacher #12, Adam Whirley worked with me from November 2 until December 9, 2015.  He is from Winona State University.
    Adam is a graduate of Maple Grove High School where he was a 2 sport athlete.  He was a part of the soccer and wrestling teams.  He won 100 matches as a wrestler and made the state tournament.
    When we first met, he informed me that his girlfriend, Emily, went to Rum River when we first opened.  She was a student in my PE class!  He said he already heard about me!  I hope it was all good!
    Mr. Whirley was offered a DAPE (Adapted PE) job here in Anoka-Hennepin immediately after graduation!  Congrats, Adam! 
    The 2018-19 School year finds Adam teaching DAPE in Elk River!

    Will Van Duzer from Bethel University worked with me from 1/5 to 2/13/2015.  He then moved on to Oak-Land Middle School in Stillwater, MN  for his secondary student teaching assignment.

    Mr. Van Duzer was the best nose guard Bethel has ever seen (in his own words)….. I should ask Brett Schendel (my very first student teacher and also a nose guard at Bethel) what his opinion on that is!  Will was a graduate of Owatonna High School where he was a three sport athlete in high school lettering in football, wrestling, and track and field.  

    Mr. Van Duzer has an older sister who is also a teacher!

    Mr. Van Duzer was a very busy man during the summer of 2015.  He got married and accepted a PE Teaching job with the Hastings School District in July.  Congrats! 
    Mr Chang



    Kong Chang worked with me from Bethel University from 8/26 to 10/16/2013.  He then moved on to Roseville Area Middle School for his secondary student teaching assignment.

    Mr. Chang is a graduate of Rochester John Marshall High School.  Some of his favorite sports are soccer, basketball, and football.

    He comes from a family of 11 children and is very excited to join our family of over 1000 students!

    Welcome Mr. Chang

    *Update - Mr. Chang has accepted a position with the International Hmong Academy in Minneapolis. Congratulations, Mr. Chang!
    Ms Lindeman

    Chelsea Lindeman will be joining me from Winona State University.  She will be here April 29th through June 7th, 2013.

    Chelsea spent most of her student teaching in Melbourne, Australia, before joining us at Rum River. 

    She is a graduate of St. Francis High School, where she was a member of the gymnastics team.  She was a 4 year gymnast at Winona State, as well, which included being a team captain her senior year.

    **Update on Chelsea.  She was offered 3 different PE jobs this summer.  She chose a full time DAPE job in her hometown school district of St. Francis.  Congrats, Chelsea! 

    **Update #2 - Chelsea has returned to the Anoka-Hennepin School District as a full time DAPE teacher.  Welcome back! 
    Mr Y

    Jake Yatckoske recently completed his student teaching with me from Winona State University.  He was here from February 27th until April 27th, 2012.

    Jake grew up in this area attending McKinley Elementary, and St. Francis Middle and High Schools.  While in school he played baseball and basketball.

    Jake is married with a young son named Jayden.

    **Jake has accepted a job with Browerville Public Schools.  Best of luck Jake on your first teaching job!

    **Jake has returned to the Anoka-Hennepin School District as a DAPE teacher.  Welcome back, Mr. Y!  He also has 3 sons now!

    Mr Helland
     Charles Helland joined me from March 16th until May 1st, 2010.  He came from Bethel University.
    Charles was born and raised in Fordville, North Dakota. He attended Bethel, but also studied at Trinity Lutheran College in Everett, Washington and Lake Superior College in Duluth.
    While in high school, Charles was a member of the Fordville/Lankin Flyers basketball and baseball teams. He also enjoys tennis, ping pong, cross country skiing, and as of late, floor hockey.  He taught the majority of the Track and Field unit as the kids prepared for Track and Field Day at Franklin or PE Fun Day at Rum River.
    His first student teaching experience was at Totino-Grace High School in Fridley.
    *Update on Mr. Helland. He has completed his student teaching with me and is very motivated to find a teaching job! I have no doubt he will find it! Best of luck, Charles! Charles was also married on August 22, 2010!
    Mr Johnson
     Joe Johnson from Winona State University started his placement with me on October 20th. He finished up on December 10. He did a wonderful job and will make a wonderful teacher and coach! Any school district will be lucky to add him to their staff! 
    While student teaching with me will also be the Head 10th grade Boys Basketball coach at Anoka High School. Hopefully that will parlay into a full time teaching position helping keep another great teacher in our district! If you have time, go watch the 10th grade Tornadoes play, they can really run! 
    Joe grew up in Brooklyn Park and is a graduate of Osseo High School. He now resides in the St. Michael/Albertville area. While at Winona State, Joe was a 4 year football player for the Warriors on the defensive line. Joe has already student taught at Anoka High School.
    **Update on Joe.  He has been teaching PE at a private school in Minneapolis.  Good for you, Joe!
    Mr Pender
    Mr. Brian Pender officially joined me on April 4th and concluded his work on June 9th, 2006. He did an excellent job working with the students and will make a wonderful teacher. 
    Mr. Pender came to us from UW-Lacrosse. He was a 2001 graduate of Anoka High School where he was a captain of the hockey team his senior year. He grew up in Andover. After student teaching, Mr. Pender accepted a Graduate Intership at UW-Lacrosse where he has earned his Masters Degree. 
    **Update on Mr. Pender. Brian was hired as a PE teacher in the Burnsville School District (Sky Oaks Elementary) during the 07-08 school year. I was able to talk with his prospective principal and was happy to give him a glowing recommendation! Congrats, Brian. Brian also became a father in 2008. Congrats again, to a very busy man! 
    **Mr. Pender is coming back to Anoka-Hennepin!  Mr. Pender will be an Elementary PE teacher at two AH schools! I am excited to have Brian back in the district!
    Mr Sichmeller
     Mr. John Sichmeller has completed his student teaching with me and has received his degree from Bethel University. I wish John the very best as he starts his teaching career.
    Mr. Sichmeller came to us from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 
    **Update - He accepted a teaching job in Southwestern Minnesota as a computer education teacher and is coaching basketball this year. Have a great school year, John!
    Mr Jueckstock
     *Joel Jueckstock was my third student teacher. He was from Bethel University. Joel has since returned to school at Bethel to pursue a double masters degree. He has informed me that he may continue his work with a Doctorate degree in the near future. 
    Along with school, he is currently working as a Chaplain and works with families in need. Joel is making a difference in our world and has found his niche. I wish Joel nothing but the best!
    Mr Prigge
    *Josh Prigge was my second student teacher. He was from Winona State University.  I have kept in touch with Josh over the years and his career path has taken a few turns along the way.
    *An update on Josh....... he returned to graduate school and now lives in HAWAII!  After graduating from graduate school, Josh got a job with Hawaii Pacific University and now is a permanent resident of Hawaii.  Good for you, Josh!
    **Josh has recently taken a job as the Sustainability Manager for Fetzer Winery in California!  Congrats, Josh!
    Mr Schendel *Brett Schendel was my first student teacher. He was from Bethel University. I have lost contact with Brett, but I know he will succeed in whatever he chooses to do.