• Vision

    Health services screens distance vision on all grade one, three, five,  seven students, and all new students to the district. It includes: an external inspection, a cover test and corneal reflex test, visual acuity and for boys in first grade a color vision screening. The screening is not a complete eye exam and does not diagnosis eye conditions. If the student cannot see at 20/40 in either eye, they will be given a written referral suggesting further private medical provider evaluation.
    Through age 12, approximately 80 percent of learning is done visually. Research indicates that one out of four children have vision problems that interfere with their learning. 


    Hearing screenings are done on all kindergarten as well as grade one, three, five students, and new students to the district. Parents/guardians will be notified of any abnormal findings.

    Child and teen checkup

    The child and teen checkup program is a health care benefit for all children, teens and young adults, under the age of 20 who are covered by medical assistance or Minnesota Care. These medical exams assess mental/emotional health, hearing and vision, a head-to-toe physical exam, lab tests, health education and guidance at no cost (to eligible children).

    Anoka and Hennepin County programs also assist with finding medical or dental clinics, making clinic appointments and arranging transportation or interpreter services. For further information or assistance contact the child and teen checkups program contact Anoka County at 763-422-6932 or Hennepin County at 612-348-5904. More information can be found in their brochure.


    If you have questions about your student's screenings please contact your school's health services. Screenings are not intended to be a substitute for well child checkups with your medical provider.