• Prescription medications

    If it's necessary for prescription medication to be given during the school day, please send with your child:
    • A note from a parent or legal guardian.
    • The prescription or original bottle with the student's name, medication name, directions for use and dosage, doctor's name, and phone number of the pharmacy.
    • A permission slip signed by the physician.

    All prescriptions must be kept with health services. Exceptions may be made for emergency prescriptions such as asthma, allergy and diabetes. These medications would require a school nurse assessment of the student's skills to self administer, as well as parent and doctor written permission. Forms are available on this page and in school health service offices.


    Non-prescription medications

    A small supply of non-prescription medication can be kept in school health service offices with a parent/guardian permission form. If the over-the-counter medicine is used on a routine basis health service staff will request a medical providers order. High school students are permitted to carry a maximum of two doses of over-the-counter medication for self-administration to relieve symptoms of minor pain, cramps, indigestion and headache. This policy does not allow high school students to carry stimulants used to stay awake such as NoDoze, Vivarin, Ephedrine and Caffeine.

    Dietary supplements 

    Health services does not administer any "dietary supplements," herbal products or any products not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.