• Life Insurance Benefits

    Eligibility and benefit levels for district Group Term Life insurance are defined in the contracts, working agreements, or personnel policies for each employee group. Each eligible employee receives a Certificate of Insurance at the time of enrollment, effective on the first active day at work in a benefit eligible position.

    Employees are eligible for Group Term Life insurance benefits on the first day of active employment in a benefit eligible position or during the open enrollment period, which is held during the month of May of each year. Changes in beneficiaries of the life insurance policy can be made at any time.

    Supplemental Life Insurance Benefits 

    The Supplemental Life insurance plan allows eligible employees to choose the amount of insurance that best suits their needs. This is an employee-purchased benefit administered by Anoka-Hennepin Schools. All premiums are paid by the employee through payroll deductions. Each eligible employee receives the Certificate of Insurance at the time of accepted enrollment. For more details and pricing, see the Supplemental Life FAQs.

    Eligible employees may enroll for supplemental term life insurance benefits within 30 days from the first date of hire. Open enrollment for supplemental life insurance does not occur every year, but employees will be notified in the event of an open enrollment opportunity. Changes in beneficiaries of the life insurance policy can be made at any time.

    All open enrollment changes take effect September 1. Specific questions may be answered by calling Anoka-Hennepin Insurance Department at 763-506-1080.

    Beneficiary Update

    You can update your life insurance beneficiary at any time in Smartben. To add or change a beneficiary, please refer to the beneficiary update instructions.