• Where Wellness Matters Mini Grants

    Mini Grants promote, inform and support employee wellness. Use grants to host wellness challenges, activities and purchase materials. Sample activities could include: Medica health challenges, after-school yoga class, and a stress management workshop. Work with your wellness contact and principal/building supervisor to submit a Wellness Mini Grant application.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can apply for a wellness mini grant?
    Staff members may take leadership on a mini grant idea but it is best to work closely with the building wellness contact from the inception of an idea. Grants need to be signed and supported by both building administration and the wellness contact. If you are unsure of your building wellness contact please see Where Wellness Matters Contact List.

    How much money can our building apply for?
    Each building is eligible for up to $500 per school year. This can include multiple grants totaling up to $500.
    How are the grants disbursed?
    After the approval of your building’s grant you will receive notice via email. At that point with each specific grant, Jen Gilbert, wellness specialist, will work with you to complete the ordering and purchasing of items or services. Purchasing must adhere to district purchasing guidelines and therefore certain vendors may be required for certain items. All fitness supplies must be purchased through Gopher Sports.

    What have other buildings received grants for?
    Items funded include:
    • Pedometers. 
    • Water bottles.
    • Fitness supplies or fitness DVDs.
    • Support for hosting a staff sports game or competition. 
    • T-Shirts for a walking club or wellness challenges.
    • Chair massages for staff appreciation day.
    • Designing and printing of walking maps.
    • Community Education organized yoga, Zumba, or fitness boot camp classes.
    What is the best way to figure out what other staff are interested in?
    Utilize the building wellness contact and other interested staff members through a formal wellness committee or informal group. An interest email to staff about potential ideas is a great start. Building wellness contacts may also refer to the specific employee wellness survey results sent to their building about specific topics of interest. Remember the wellness needs in your building may vary so aim to encourage a variety of wellness for all to be involved!
    Is there a deadline?
    Yes! Deadline will be set each school year by the wellness specialist. Grants are accepted on a continuous basis. Please email them or send them inter-school mail to wellness specialist, Jen Gilbert. She can also be reached at 763-506-1270.

    Optum Wellness Presentations

    Medica Optum provides free training presentations ranging from parenting, stress management, retirement planning, eating healthy during the holidays or starting a new exercise program. Presentations last anywhere from 30 minutes to a three hour workshop. To schedule your Optum training session, browse the Optum catalog and contact Chris Sundeen, insurance benefits assistant, at 763-506-1084.