• Music 


    Day 1:  5ML, 1EM, 4KF, 4AL, KJO, 3KM, 3VB, 1MS, 1KD
    Day 2:  5SD, 5TD, 2JS, 2JW, 4CM, 4MS, 3LB, 3BV, 1TA, 1JS
    Day 3:  5SD, 4KF, KBL, KSS, 3KW, 3KM, 1TA, 1MS
    Day 4:  5ML, 2JW, 4CM, 4MS, KLL, KRH, 3TV, 1JJ, 1JS
    Day 5:  5TD, 2JS, 4BK, 4AL, KRS, KKP, 3KW, 3LB, 1JJ, 1KD

  • "Whether by speech or by instrument, musical performance requires physical control and precision of a high order...In no other subject is a child called upon to make four or five decisions a second and act on them continuously for such stretches of time...Moreover, by it's nature and traditions, the art lends itself more readily than most activities to the pursuit of excellence, to which there is no nobler aim of education." ~Unknown