• Inclusion and diversity

    Educational equity strives to meet these goals: 

    • Improve the district's multicultural resources.
    • Improve multicultural learning opportunities for all students.
    • Promote support for families in need.
    • Improve student achievement.
    • Provide program evaluation through data-driven decision.
    • Increase the number and retention of teachers, administrators and staff of color.
    • Provide all students the opportunity to embrace different cultures and be involved in their educational environment.

    Parent Advisory Committee for Racial and Ethnic Equity (PACREE) 2023-24 Flyer and Meeting Dates

  • Equity Achievement Plan

    The mission statement for the Anoka-Hennepin School District calls for schools to effectively educate each student for success. Increasing the academic achievement for all students while reducing and eliminating predictable and persistent achievement gaps between student groups is at the core of the Anoka-Hennepin Equity Achievement Plan. 

    The plan includes 8 strategies and 41 action items; all aligned to three priority equity domains:

    • Climate
    • Student engagement
    • Curriculum 

    Learn more by checking out the full Equity Achievement Plan - Third edition, the infographic - second edition (PDF) on the topic or by viewing the introductory video.

    Here is the current Second Edition of the Equity Achievement Plan.