• MN Dept of Ed FAQ (PDF)

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    Q: How do I begin home schooling my child?
    A: Contact the home and nonpublic school office at 763-506-1273. You have 15 days from the date you remove your student from a public or nonpublic school to enroll your student with the home and nonpublic school program office. You will need to submit a completed Full Report listing all students and a copy of immunization records or notarized statements of conscientious objection for each student being enrolled.
    Q:  How will the changes in the home school legislation effect me?
    A: If you home schooled your children last year, you will need to submit a letter of intent to continue home schooling. This letter can be in any format, mailed or emailed. It must include your name and contact information and any changes you are making in testing, etc. from last year.  If you previously submitted report cards, that requirement has been removed. Report cards are no longer required for any home school families. New families will still need to complete the Minnesota Compulsory Instruction Report, submit immunization records and additional appropriate documentation.
    Q:  Is the district responsible to send out homeschool information and forms to all home educators in the district annually?
    A:   No. It is the responsibility of the home educator to register their compulsory age students yearly with the district in which they reside. The homeschool reporting forms are available online at our website by clicking on Forms.