• Challenge reading

    Volunteers provide children with additional opportunities to foster a love of reading outside of the classroom by introducing various genres of literature, extending students' writing connections, and promoting higher level thinking skills.  Small groups of students (usually 6 to 10 in a group) will read the same book during a prescribed time frame and meet to discuss their reading.  Training is required and provided throughout the year.

    Destination imagination

    This program gives students an opportunity to explore imagination through creative problem solving.  Teams of 5 to 7 students work together to solve a given problem in a creative way and then present their solutions at competitions.  Volunteers are needed to be Destination Imagination coaches.  This volunteer opportunity runs October to March.  The DI team determines the practice schedule by the needs of the project.  Meeting are held before or after school.  Training is required and provided in the fall.

    Math PLUS

    The purpose of Math PLUS is to provide additional, on-going mathematical experiences for students in grade K-5.  Students participate in math activities that reinforce problem solving, logic and reasoning, and communicating mathematical findings.  Leaders will meet with a small group of students (usually 6 to 10 students in a group) once a week for an hour.  Training is required and provided throughout the year.