• Frequently Asked Questions



    1. Can I visit my child for lunch?
    Yes! Our lunch time is 11:30-12:00pm. Please sign in at the office and meet your child in the cafeteria. You may also bring lunch for your child if you wish to do so.

    2. Can I volunteer in my child's classroom?
    Absolutely! I love to have parent volunteers to work on a variety of things from making copies or putting projects/books together to working with students in class. I will send home an interest form to see who is interested and their availability. You will also need to fill out the volunteer forms and background checks online. You can access all of the forms on the Johnsville webpage. Later in the fall, I will begin contacting parent volunteers to begin setting up times to help out in class.

    3. Can I send in snacks for my child's birthday?
    No. We have a large number of students in first grade with severe food allergies. In order to keep all of our students safe we are asking for no "edible" birthday treats. In first grade grade we ask students to bring a favorite picture book to school on their birthday for the teacher to read aloud to the class. Another option is to send in non-food items for classmates. At this time, we have 22 students in our class.