• Q: Why does my child share supplies in the classroom?
    A: Our classroom will have supply caddies that are kept at the center of each student table. In the caddy we will keep all the materials that strong readers, writers, and mathematicians need to have right in front of them. Sharing and having a community supply allows students to have the materials they need at all times, as well as working on important sharing and collaboration skills. 
    Q: When is my child's snack time?
    A: Our class will have a working snack break each morning. Times will vary depending on the day but should be between 11:00-11:20.
    Q: What can my child have for snack?
    A: Our class will follow the District's Wellness Policy. Healthy snacks include a small portion of fresh/dried fruit or vegetables, 10-15 whole grain crackers, cheese, granola bars and plain granola, plain popcorn, pretzels, string cheese, baked chips, raisins, or bagels. Your child may keep a water bottle in the classroom to drink water throughout the day. Only water is allowed. Thank you!
    Because of food allergies, students are not to share or trade any food during snack or lunch.
    Items that will not be allowed include: regular chips, fruit snacks, cookies, cake, donuts, candy, Rice Krispy bars, or sugary snacks. I appreciate your support!
    Q: What winter clothes are required for recess?
    A: Each child needs to have snow pants, boots, hat/hood, and mittens/gloves each day for recess. We go outside everyday unless the temperature is below 0 or wind chill is 10 below.