• My name is Amber Holloway and this will be my first year teaching a class of my own. I recently moved from Arkansas to Minnesota after graduating from the University of Arkansas with a Master of Arts in Teaching. Why Minnesota? Well, I became engaged in May and my fiance's family lives in the Twin Cities area. Since I grew up in the northwest corner of Arkansas, I was ready to see and experience a different area of the United States. I hope this winter will be more mild than last year's! My fiance, Nick, and I enjoy hiking, canoeing, and camping. We also like to take road trips together - we have taken many trips between Minnesota and Arkansas, and last summer went to Yellowstone National Park!
    I have a shih-tzu/poodle mix dog named Bella who loves to cuddle, race, and chase squirrels. Bella is a sweet dog who loves kids and treats, but often causes mischief and makes messes around the house. Be prepared to hear about Bella, because I love to share silly puppy stories!