Shoe Policy:

    All students are expected to wear athletic shoes during Physical Education class. This is to ensure his or her safety during vigorous activities. 

    Students must wear an athletic shoe. Sandals, boots, dress shoes, flip-flops, jellies, hiking shoes, high heeled platform shoes and especially slip on shoes do not provide stability during movement. No clog or open back style tennis shoes, please. This style of shoe is hard to run in and they tend to fly off when kids are kicking. Also, students must tie their shoes for safety reasons. 

    It is the responsibility of the student to wear tennis shoes on Physical Education days. Being prepared for class is part of their Physical Education grade.  
    Students will receive a strike for each time they are not wearing tennis shoes. Your student will not be able to participate in the lesson if they are on their third strike. They will make a call home or the teacher will email their family.
    Thank you for your assistance with your child's safety!