Distance Learning Schedule

    March 30th - May 1st

    8:00-9:00 Get ready for the day & have breakfast before 9:00

    9:00 Check you email

    9-11:00 4MA Math / 4SO Reading

    11-1:00 Lunch, Recess & Specials

    1-3:00 4MA Reading / 4SO Math



    Classroom Information

    Assignment Notebook - All fourth graders have an assignment notebook. It will go back and forth to school every day, and parents/guardians need to sign it. It’s the student’s responsibility to complete any assignments posted and to keep parents/guardians informed of information in the assignment notebook. 

    Monthly Peek- The monthly calendar will have activities and important information on it. 

    Homework - Math homework will be assigned, but it is not a daily occurrence. If there is math homework it will be written in the student's assignment book. ELA homework is daily reading and practicing spelling words.

    Dismissal - If your child is to go home differently than what you indicated on the transportation form, we must have a note or phone call specifying this from the parent or guardian. If there is not a note or phone call your child will be sent home as indicated from the transportation form. 

    Birthday Treats - If you would like to bring in a birthday treat please make sure it is store bought, as stated in the Elementary Parent Handbook, and sent with your child in the morning. The Anoka-Hennepin wellness program promotes healthy choices for students, so please keep the policy in mind when making your choice.

    Communication- Please call, e-mail, or send a note if you have any questions or concerns!

     Voice mail: 763-506-2964        email:  mary.manke@ahschools.us   


    Daily Schedule

    First bell is at 8:35.

    Second bell is at 8:50. Students must be in the classroom by 8:50.

    8:50-9:25      Start Block #1:  4MA - Math & Science / 4SO - ELA

    9:25-9:55      Intervention Groups

    9:55-10:55    Specials

    10:55-12:20  Finish Block #1

    12:20-12:50  Start Block #2:  4MA - ELA / 4SO - Math & Science

                         Intervention Groups

    12:50-1:15    Lunch

    1:15-1:45      Continue Block #2

    1:45-2:15      Recess

    2:15-3:15      Finish Block #2

    3:20              Dismissal


    Special Schedule for 4MA (9:55-10:55)

    Day 1:  Phy. Ed.

    Day 2:  Music/Media

    Day 3:  Explorations/Music

    Day 4:  Explorations/Core

    Day 5:  Art